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“This morning I’m feeling especially grateful and fortunate.  I want to take a moment to thank the many who have supported me launch La Printeria.  About a year ago, I was invited by Leonard Rodriguez, CEO Westside Development Corporation (WDC) to bring my vision for a printmaking studio to Alamo Colleges Westside Education and Training Center (WETC).  After conversations with my wife and family and a few months of meetings and presentation, I agreed to open La Printeria at WETC.

I was met with nothing but support and was also provided a startup grant to get things going.  Since September 2016, we have been introducing La Printeria to San Antonio’s artists, youth, educators, city leadership, and community.  It’s still very much a work in progress, but we are making our mark.

In the process, I met and partnered with Master Printmaker Arturo Negrete Cuellar who has already published limited edition prints for some of San Anto’s most accomplished and emerging artists.

This 2nd Saturday we launch La Printeria Anexo at Freight Galleries.  Over the last few weeks, my son Xavier has been able to be by my side helping me get ready for the launch.  He developed this website that’s running on an e-commerce platform, has done all graphic design, spearheaded all social media, filmed and developed videos, been the extra hand I desperately needed, and of course he is learning the printmaking process.  I’m amazed every day.  Thank you Xavier.

Of course, I want to thank my wife, Sylvia, who has supported my stubborness for some 37 years, my son Harvey Alan for always lending me his ear, and my daughter Ashley for giving me artistic guidance and support since the beginning.

Along the way, I’ve also had nothing but positive response from so many of you who have volunteered, donated, purchased, gave me leads, introduced me, shown our work, and so much more.  There are too many to mention and I certainly wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, so please, to you all, Thank you very very much.

Please stop by and visit with me anytime.

Harvey Mireles
Founder y Director”

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