Alese Underwood (2018, May 11). La Printeria grows from Impact SA grant. Retrieved from

“SAN ANTONIO — The women’s collective giving and grant-making nonprofit, Impact San Antonio, is looking for new members to help in 2018.

Local fine arts and printmaking got a major boost last year thanks to a grant from Impact San Antonio. Now the organization is looking for more partners to step up and apply.

“Having a place to come to create prints is great because there’s not many place to do that,” said instructor and artist Ashley Mireles.

It’s not every day a student or an artist can just have easy access to space or materials.

“The cost can be quite large for the proper equipment and materials to make prints,” Mireles said.

Thanks to a $100,000 grant, La Printeria on the West Side is now able to reach more people wanting to share their passion.

During any given week you’ll find 15 to 20 students using the facility. At first, the goal for this year was to welcome in 100 people. They’re now on track to triple that number by the end of the year.”


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