Westside Business Alliance & Legacy Corridor Alliance

Westside Business Alliance & Legacy Corridor Alliance

Small businesses are essential to building robust communities and serve as cornerstones of a region’s cultural and economic fabric. With the support of District 5, Prosper West is establishing the Westside Business Alliance (WBA) and leads the Legacy Corridor Initiative.

 Prosper West will connect business owners in the Westside to create advocacy networks, which will empower owners to promote projects that positively impact their businesses and larger communities.


In partnership with City of San Antonio Council District 5, Prosper West seeks to preserve our Westside Legacy Businesses by making them more resilient and thereby strengthening the overall economy.

Legacy Businesses are those that have been in businesses for 10 years or longer and serve a community function that goes above and beyond the simple sale of goods and services, they serve to support local culture and stability.


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