In 2015, Prosper West joined Alamo Colleges District, Edgewood Independent School District (EISD), and the City of San Antonio (CoSA) as an official partner and stakeholder of the Alamo Colleges Westside Education and Training Center (WETC). 

Together, we conducted a study of the local workforce and labor market demographics to determine occupational and technical skill training that can be conducted at WETC now and into the future. Prosper West provides Alamo Colleges WETC with on-going strategic assistance, marketing support, and stakeholder event coordination, and is a partner in the identification, development and implementation of priority programming of the WETC master plan for the new state-of-the-art Westside campus.

Prosper West is strategically assisting Alamo Colleges District to design and build a new state-of-the-art workforce training and college campus on the Westside with the secured $23 million bond approved by the San Antonio voters in May 2017.



Since 2015, Prosper West has supported and incubated two workforce-training opportunities at WETC, La Printeria and San Antonio Motion Picture Academy.

Once the new campus is built, Prosper West will continue to incubate new and improved workforce training opportunities in the arts, health care, and other job growth opportunities for Westside residents.


Founder and Executive Director of La Printeria, Harvey Mireles

La Printeria, which opened in 2016, is a 3,000 square-foot collaborative state-of- the-art fine art print shop facility that sits within Alamo Colleges Westside Education and Training Center (WETC) in the Edgewood area of Prosper West Empowerment Zone. It came to fruition through the efforts of Prosper West, Alamo Colleges WETC, La Printeria’s founder and local community planning, partnerships and seed funding. La Printeria and Prosper West link business practicum, skills training and higher education programming through fine arts to help local artists earn a better living from their unique cultural art, improve their economic mobility, and provide them with empowerment through technical skills training. La Printeria operates as a social enterprise, providing holistic services that serve entrepreneur artists, and offers programming for at-risk youth, early high school college credits for the Edgewood Independent School District (EISD) and continuing education adult learning fine art certifications.


Director, Brandon K Olmos

The San Antonio Motion Picture Academy is a program of Alamo Colleges Westside Education and Training Center (WETC) and the City of San Antonio Prosper West as its financial sponsor while SAMPA achieves its non-profit 501 (c)(3) status.

Pilot Program Case Study



As of the 17th of November 2017, Prosper West, the Westside Education & Training Center (WETC) partnered to provide a Food Pantry for the WETC students, adding a third partner in 2018: Family Services Association (FSA), which now serves over 200 students. The pantry consists of dry and canned goods. The WETC & Prosper West Food Pantry is held every third Friday of every month.

In this collaboration, we have documented and provided you with the statistics of this growing Food Pantry.


• Since November 2017, the Food Pantry has distributed more than 11,400 pounds of food.
• During the 2017-2018 year, the Food Panty volunteers and staff have contributed over 600 hours of time.
• In the 2017-2018 year, WETC/Prosper West Food Pantry served 196 WETC students.
• In the 2017-2018 year, WETC/Prosper West Food Pantry served 942 family members of WETC students.