Roseanna Garza (2018, October 24). West Side San Antonio Coalition Pushes for More Walkable Streets to Improve Health, Safety Rivard Report. Retrieved from

“On Tuesday afternoon on San Antonio’s West Side, a man with a walker slowly made his way down Commerce Street alongside traffic, keeping to the right.

The busy, six-lane street has a posted speed limit of 40 miles per hour, and cars zipped by him as he rolled his walker along the pavement close to the curb.

Despite the danger, the street was the only option for him, because much of the sidewalk along Commerce is not pedestrian-friendly, with bumps and breaks in the concrete in some areas and no sidewalk at all in others.

On Tuesday, walkWestside, an advocacy coalition formed this year to encourage pedestrian mobility, and the Westside Development Corporation, a neighborhood economic advancement and development initiative, met to promote safe walking, development, and redevelopment in the area.

“There are more people walking and biking on the West Side – more so than [in] other areas of the city – and much of it out of necessity, like going to school or work,” coalition founder Dawn Hanson said. “There are a lot of unsafe walking conditions on this side of town, [including] driveways coming off the streets, sidewalks missing along some parts, and areas where the sidewalk is flush with the road.””

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