CAT CARDENAS (2018, July 28). Arts Program Opens Door to Printmaking Skills for Westside Youth. Retrieved from

“In 1980, Harvey Mireles was a high school dropout headed toward a 20-year career in the Air Force. Raised by a single mother on San Antonio’s West Side, Mireles grew up in public housing, attending school in the Edgewood Independent School District.

Now, almost 40 years later, Mireles is giving back to the community in which he grew up. In 2016, he founded La Printería, a nonprofit printmaking studio focused on providing opportunities for artists on San Antonio’s West Side. In collaboration with the Westside Development Corporation and Alamo Colleges, Mireles and his daughter Ashley work together as part of their mission to train underprivileged youth in printmaking techniques.

“I grew up in Edgewood, I dropped out of Edgewood, and now I’m primarily training Edgewood kids,” Mireles said.”


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