Annual Reports

To successfully elevate the Westside and its people, there is a communal effort from strategic thinkers and invested creators– both emotionally and financially. Prosper West’s efforts began in 2006 and continue to make an impact today, thanks to the contributions made by local families, investors, and selfless volunteers. Here are some of our reported successes. Prosper West has published the following annual reports:

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Over the past 15 years, Prosper West and our partners have been able to boost small businesses, restore historical artwork and buildings, and improve the wellbeing of various members of our community. Here are a few of our stories.

Westside Landmarks
Los Jardines
Castroville Road
Minorities Dominate Small Business
Dreamonoids Westside HI-FI Speaker Shop
Westside Leaders
Medicare Solutions
La Monita Tortilleria
Estilo’s Exclusive Salon

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