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ESTAR West is an initiative launched in January 2022 that emerged from the Aspen Latino Business & Entrepreneurship Initiative City Learning & Action Lab from a coalition of local, cross-sector leaders and community partners to build a cohesive, collaborative ecosystem that will equip our small businesses and entrepreneurs on the Westside with the resources, connections, and environment for long-term success. 

The mission is to implement community-based initiatives through a collaborative ecosystem that provides Westside entrepreneurs and small businesses the support, resources, and environment necessary to succeed. Our vision is Westside entrepreneurs and small businesses thriving alongside neighborhood residents in a way that balances economic advancement and progress with preservation and celebration of this historic community. 


Estar west press conference

JANUARY 14, 2022

Annual Reports

To successfully elevate the Westside and its people, there is a communal effort from strategic thinkers and invested creators– both emotionally and financially. Prosper West’s efforts began in 2006 and continue to make an impact today, thanks to the contributions made by local families, investors, and selfless volunteers. Here are some of our reported successes. Prosper West has published the following annual reports:


Over the past 15 years, Prosper West and our partners have worked alongside small business owners to highlight their stories of success. In partnership with La Prensa Texas, a series of issues were published to showcase the history and small businesses on 10 Westside Legacy Corridors.

Westside Landmarks
Los Jardines
Castroville Road
Minorities Dominate Small Business
Dreamonoids Westside HI-FI Speaker Shop
Westside Leaders
Medicare Solutions
La Monita Tortilleria
Estilo’s Exclusive Salon
Delicious Tamales
Chicho Boys
Barrio Barista Coffeehouse

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