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Long-term lasting progress for the Westside means addressing challenges through a holistic and strategic approach. Our Impact Committees are comprised of passionate members from our community who take on the work of studying these issues, developing plans, and moving them forward with the support of our board and staff. This is what progress looks like. See how you can get involved today!


Become a financial partner of Prosper West San Antonio. Whether it’s a one time donation or becoming a Westside Legacy Partner (monthly/annual contributions), it all goes toward making the Westside a more prosperous place for our small businesses and families.

How you can donate:


Consider becoming a Prosper West Financial Partner. Through our innovative community-building and economic development strategies, a $100 gift to Prosper West yields $1,000 of value back into our Westside community. You can give at any level and all gifts are tax-deductible.


Prosper West depends on the support of individuals and companies to carry out our programming. This allows us to help individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs realize their dreams; and change the lives of their families and the community, by building a brighter future.


Prosper West welcomes and accepts all in-kind donations that help us further our goals and fulfill our mission. Prosper West has created a list of policies and guidelines to ensure donations benefit Prosper West operations, programs, and/or services. Click here for more information!

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