Lorraine Robles (2019, April 21). It’s the West Side’s turn. Retrived from http://bit.ly/312vtFy

“In recent years, San Antonio has seen visible signs of growth, expansion and redevelopment. ZIP code by ZIP code, neighborhood by neighborhood, new opportunities have emerged across the city, with one notable exception.

Time has stood still on the city’s Inner West Side, one of San Antonio’s most historic and proudest communities. Although the community sits just blocks from the booming downtown area, it remains there, lost in time and overlooked by the thriving growth the rest of the city is experiencing. Today, the West Side is at a critical juncture. For instance, while the long-standing Alazan-Apache Courts housing community was built in 1940, other historic housing communities in diverse geographies have undergone redevelopment of affordable housing and improved with social service enhancements such as technology, education and health services.” Read More >>

State of The Westside

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