SHARI BIEDIGER (2018, April 28). New Online Publication Examines Economic Inequality in San Antonio. Retrieved from

“As municipal election campaigns have heated up over the last few weeks, the causes and challenges of poverty in San Antonio have become a hot-button topic. Indeed, while residents in some City Council districts call upon candidates to address growth-related traffic conditions, others cry out for basic services.

A 2012 Pew study and the 2016 Distressed Communities Index showed that the gap in median income between San Antonio’s poorest and richest zip codes is wider than that of any other two metro zip codes in the country.

“What are the consequences of such gaps? Are they bad for everyone, or just a few people? What does the horizon of possibility look like for children living in the poorer parts of San Antonio?”

Those are the questions Patton Dodd and his team of seasoned journalists plan to explore in the coming months with the launch of Folo Media.

Folo Media is a digital publication initiative of The H.E. Butt Family Foundation, one of the oldest foundations in the country. With $295 million in total assets, the foundation is better known for its faith retreat centers in Kerrville, and it is not affiliated with the charitable arm of the H-E-B grocery company.

On its website, Folo Media describes its mission as reporting “on the challenges and opportunities for vulnerable communities in San Antonio, one of the most inequitable cities in the United States.” Dodd said Folo Media will dive deeply into this multifaceted issue and never let up.”


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