small Business loan & grant program

We accept loan and grant applications on a rolling basis, which means there is no fixed deadline for submissions. This allows businesses to apply during any time throughout the year, providing flexibility and convenience. By eliminating strict application deadlines, we aim to make the grant application process more accessible and convenient.

loan opportunities

Project-based loans are available to eligible businesses within the designated service area at/or below market interest rates. For more information, e-mail

grant opportunities

The PWSA Business Growth Grant Program aims to provide financial assistance to businesses that require support to expand and enhance their operations. Eligible businesses and social enterprises may qualify for a matching grant of up to $5,000 for project-related costs.

This grant program operates on a matching basis, requiring businesses to contribute an equal amount of funds to those provided by PWSA (1:1 ratio). Business owners must utilize their matching funds before receiving the grant funds from PWSA. The maximum grant award amount is set at $5,000.


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