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(San Antonio, TX) – Alamo Colleges, Edgewood ISD, the City of San Antonio, State Senator José Menéndez, and the Westside Development Corporation (WDC) will host a press conference at the Westside Education & Training Center (WETC), 563 SW 40th St., on Tuesday, February 16 at 11:30 a.m. to announce the signing of a first of its kind 10-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) focused on greatly enhancing academic and job training programs on the Westside.

The partnership is seen as a major step forward in increasing the educational opportunities for Westside residents, and in turn, spurring job growth and economic development. As part of the MOU, the WDC has relocated its offices to the WETC campus and will work with the collaborative partners to develop a strategy to fund future development at WETC. “The Westside Training Center partnership is helping to create the San Antonio of tomorrow,” said Mayor Ivy R. Taylor. “As we train residents for skilled positions in well-paying careers, we empower the community and develop human capital.” The City of San Antonio has provided more than $970,000 in funding support since 2006, including a $500,000 for facility improvements. Part of the new plan calls for additional capital improvements of the existing facilities to address Americans with Disability Act (ADA) code compliance items.

These improvements will be funded by a $500,000 contribution from the City of San Antonio, more than $87,000 from Alamo Colleges, and $300,000 from the State of Texas. “The $8.9 million we were able to secure in the state budget for Alamo colleges was a crucial investment for San Antonio,” said Senator José Menéndez. “The Westside Training and Education Center (WETC) will receive $300,000 to make strategic upgrades to their center and make it ADA accessible.

This is especially important for our veterans and adults looking for a better job who often find a pathway to employment after taking classes at WETC. I’m proud that were we able to allocate money in the state budget to grow WETC and better serve our community.” Since WETC was established at a former Edgewood elementary school 10 years ago, enrollment has far exceeded expectations with more than 12,000 students enrolling in occupational and technical training programs provided by Alamo Colleges since 2006. “The Westside Education and Training Center exemplifies both our mission, ‘empowering our diverse communities for success,’ and one of our most important values, being community engaged,” said Alamo Colleges Chancellor Dr. Bruce Leslie. “We are gratified to see how the Westside community has embraced the center and our efforts to improve lives through the power of education and skills training.” “The Edgewood ISD School Board is excited to have finalized the Memorandum of Understanding creating this innovative partnership between Edgewood and Alamo Colleges,” said Dr. Eddie Rodriguez, Edgewood ISD Board President. “This continued and renewed alliance with Alamo Colleges will provide not only our community, but our current and future students, with additional educational learning experiences for stronger and brighter futures. It is evident through this continued partnership, that great things are possible when people work together for the benefit of students.

We are appreciative to everyone involved in making this happen.” “San Antonio is one of the few major U.S. cities in the position to compete globally for high-paying and technologically advanced jobs,” said Councilman Ray Lopez. “This strategic partnership between Westside stakeholders will not only strengthen San Antonio’s workforce, it will also ensure we are at the top of the list when companies identify a city to locate their operations and bring new jobs.” “This is a great marriage and victory for the Edgewood community,” said Chris Martinez, Board Chair for the Westside Development Corporation. “Today, the economic development efforts of the City and the Westside Development Corporation are partnered with Alamo Colleges’ workforce training programs and services. The integration of these organizations at WETC will maximize resources, relationship and opportunities for all the Westside.”


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